Inadvertently turn circle of friends, see before the leadership of the dynamic: today too free, roughly doubling the circle of friends, the issuance of the plaint years to work, and searched the whole of China all heaven and earth, made under the heavens of enthusiasm generous friends moved, grateful to get along with a group of lovely sincere work partners, Thanksgiving Yu Jinsu wealth, let me grow up quickly. No matter I is nearly is far from you. I silently blessing you, hope you can spend every difficulty, continue to set sail. My mood is so roughly, although not in dungeons, far apart, after all is the same wish, on any platform Every vape lover wishes to shop for the best . How do you know which one can hold thick E-juice? Well, the trick is to choose the best vape cartridge with a special silicon gasket! . No matter where the future is grateful to have you in my life.

Is like a summer, in a sunny day, see the birds of the sky began to hover in a low voice, tree, shaking head ShuEr prompt you a burst of speed of the wind in the visit, the heart be you leisurely in the sunny days suddenly a little nervous, because mean to leave suddenly coming, it is a sudden visit, defenseless

To come, I don't welcome it, never, after all, it is not what kind of people, it is the robber. The ancients said, sentimental injury leave since ancient times, think this is the most soft, the heart and leave, is in the heart deeply shallow cut a hole, leave a even healing will also leave a visible scar marks, also not pain, you say? Wounded don't you say? The robber does best, is to rob, and then leave a house full of mud, called injury. I just can't resist the robber, rode on a horse, to take a gun, seo service easily break through the barriers in my heart, at first glance, however, carefree, I not only don't welcome it, I even hate it hate to tooth itch

How to do? I  the robber, like, may be able to know a little, it really want to do

What the robber in the loot? I often think, sometimes, it seems the looting some of the memories, I used to love a tree, a wisp of hair, a loud laughter, and two or three back, as if already fuzzy couldn't remember, rob so thoroughly, as there is no such thing on them at the beginning of the colors, I saw the thief the package, the memories are loaded into the bag, showing off loud crash crash, and provocative

Sometimes, I find it will rob a thing, called look forward to. As mortals, we always puzzling fell in love with some people, family, lovers, friends, strangers, how can these people into our world? We are all unknown, anyhow puzzling fell in love with, love is love, the love of inundation of the soil, grow a lot of expectation, suddenly the greedy, we looking forward to the people we love, and we spend tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and we share life, even the afterlife, forever and ever, never separation of one centimeter. DR REBORN But leave the robber, the thief, the bandits, the treacherous cunning hiding in the bushes of love, with hostile eyes staring at you