I like the sky after the rain, she seems to have experienced a baptism, mountain cleaner, more fresh air, all look brand-new, believe that everyone will like the world right now, look the rainbow hanging in the sky have not disappeared reenex cps , picturesque scroll! Believe that no one can master draw this art!
South Dan's summer, it is a pleasant season, people can finally take off the heavy big cotton-padded jacket, a relaxed, clear the water with a little fish swim in free. At this moment a few children went to the river, stream swimming catch fish, fishing. Hill of cicadas in the woods hot constantly call way: "see, see!" Seems to be so annoying. Always barked Dream beauty pro hard sell , more evil than the cricket.
South Dan's summer night, I often at home took a chair to the door and vine, under a bosom tea, choose a seat looked up to see the night sky, ground and lie down, looked at the night sky of stars, in the night sky are innumerous, all over the sky stars, the starry night sky, bright colors. At large in the night sky, there is no cloud patches of ornament you find ltd . Sitting in the yard to keep looking up at the sky of the Milky Way, hearing sound cicadas, bow to see the fireflies, like a small lantern very relaxed. Took the cup, gently, slowly tasting cup of tea, and end to the front of the mouth, the tea that light flavor with leisurely worryingly lyrical music, flutter, your lungs and makes the exciting mood, thoughts fly, easier to produce attractive memories.
South Dan's summer, memories of the summer.