And those who have never, also cannot come again.

Leave home has over 50 years, want to ask what is home to one of my best memories Business Firewall  , I would not hesitate to answer: "overrun by is dahurian rose fruit flowers, full ditch dahurian rose fruit flowers." Dahurian rose fruit flowers, rose is a thorn. Since I can remember the fire burning in the Anti-Japanese War, left his hometown to my completed preliminary, the agricultural cooperation movement for 20 years, it has always been to their tenacious vitality and charming colors of the flowers as fire, to give us that behind the hinterland has brought the infinite vitality and pleasant beauty.

Dahurian rose fruit is a cluster of perennial plants, plant on the river bank, juggle, the side of the road and the side of the yard, without fertilization the beauty , soil, irrigation, year after year to grow lush. In the past the village, we almost GouGou branch branch, all over the slope everywhere. Dahurian rose fruit on the may flower season, standing on high, just like the sky hongxia fell from the sky, the red fields, dyed red ditch branch, dyed red village, people like living in a world of pink; Tripped when I look at flowers, the flowers blooming one after another, such as rouge color, shape such as lotus, with the vast circular green leaf and a busy bee butterfly flying, and pervaded the full-bodied fragrance, you will feel like drink the wine.

My hometown once troubled, the Japanese aggressors committed abuses, the landlord landlord exploitation, make the farmers live in dying for a long time. Of fire and the poor, but the war did not erase people pursuit of beauty and memories reenex , they're still looking forward to the flowering season in May every year.

Mother was young, is fond of dahurian rose fruit flowers, every flower, she always come back from the ground to back to spend dahurian rose fruit, inserted in made of tin "vase". On I wear wrapped belly, younger sister to wear shoes, embroidered mother all with dahurian rose fruit flowers. During the Anti-Japanese War, the mother also told the story of a dahurian rose fruit hidden among the flowers!

It is also a dahurian rose fruit flower season. Day in the county where the ana with guns to our village, to pull the cart grain levies, traversing a one, could not have been abused, get stock. North house my uncle's house poor no food, is tied in the doorway of the big pagoda tree on the bar whip. Mother see momentum is bad city, wading through her earthwork, drill into the for several dahurian rose fruit flowers. Bread to be my turn to pay, because father GangChangGong outside, and can't find mother, day ana was widely spread-and deeply felt; Bring them food pseudo BaoChang stand outside to find in the walled city, dahurian rose fruit flowers only see the sea, where there is a mother's sight? Until after the supper time ana left, my mother came back home. Said the mother, thanks to the endless dahurian rose fruit flowers, that she survived the sinking. Since then, the mother of dahurian rose fruit flower is love, my home village on the west side of an acre field ridge surrounded by dahurian rose fruit flowers, annual soil preparation, mother always says, "be careful, don't put the dahurian rose fruit peduncle break." Flowering season every year, my mother often along the piece side turned again, to see the dahurian rose fruit flowers seem to have enough.